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Satisfaction. How do I achieve it?

Dissecting the problem, cause, and solution to satisfaction. 

Satisfaction is a subject matter one embraces once one has overcome greed.

A few years ago, the Philippines’ former president was deposed, and it was found that his wife had a collection of 30,000 pairs of shoes in her closet. Our two feet require just a single pair of footwear. Each person determines what their needs are and some may say they’re pretty renounced than the other. May sound easy and fancy to say, however, ultimately one has to draw a line between excessive desire and utmost necessity. Because, if knowingly or unknowingly all are recipients of God’s mercy, then he considers a clean hand to give, as the full hand is already too full to receive his Grace.

The Problem: Ever-increasing desires 

There is a phenomenon in today’s world of “ever-increasing desires.” There are unlimited desires but very limited assets to supply. For this law of economics to work out, we make rules, regulations, policies, state laws, etc. Perhaps, you are reading this article with a hope to achieve that inner peace and satisfaction. You’re not alone in this endeavor. In fact, all of us are searching for it since the time of our birth. But only a few fortunate ones crack the code on how to obtain that ultimate state of deep undisturbed peace. Nothing in this world comes for free, and there is always a price to pay.

Cause of dissatisfaction: Greed 

As souls, we’re sat-cit-ananda eternal, full of knowledge, and ever blissful. But now that we’re conditioned, there is a particular aspect of our contaminated consciousness that is causing a hurdle is flowing with satisfaction and God’s grace. This dissatisfaction and blockage of bliss are due to fuming greed within our hearts to own and rule things and people outside of ourselves.

The cause of greed is pretty simple. According to Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, the origin of greed is a mode of passion. From the mode of passion, Lobha greed develops. As per the classic Vedic theology, greed originated from the lips of Brahma at the beginning of creation.

First of all causes, We all have the propensity to enjoy. This enjoyment attitude dictates “I want to enjoy and satisfy myself.” Secondly, This desire is supplemented by the egocentric attitude of “I can and I have the power to fulfill my desire.” When this desire is not fulfilled, it results in anger. But your calculation is wrong if you think the desire when fulfilled actually results in satisfaction. No, It doesn’t. It merely fuels the desire further. And finally, the hankering attitude manifests as we keep desiring for more.

Solution: Control and conquer the greed

asankalpāj jayet kāmam,

krodham kāma-vivarjanāt

arthānartheksayā lobham

bhayam tattvāvamarśanāt (SB 7.15.22)

by determination, one shall conquer lust and by giving up sense objects one shall conquer anger. By discussing the disadvantages of accumulating wealth one shall give up greed, and by discussing the truth one gives up fear.

Illusion is to think that money or sense gratification can bring me satisfaction. There is more to life than the tendency to possess externalities. There was an old couple betting on horses in a race. Luckily they won the lottery and received a cheque. The husband saw the number of zeroes in the cheque and he couldn’t believe he was going to become super-rich. In that shock, he had a heart attack. The check started flying away from his hand. The wife was in the worst of her dilemma whether to catch her husband or the cheque. Such is the nature of money. It causes anxiety when it comes and causes distress when it goes away. This creates a hankering and we always think of needing it to finally be at peace and that’s a fallacy. Scratching the Itchy area can feel nice for some time, but the itching simply grows stronger. Unless we resist it we can’t overcome the problem.

All that we need is already provided by God. There is no point in acquiring more and more than we already have. This type of urge to be supported by the external security measures is an innate longing of the heart to truly feel fulfilled and that can be achieved only through acts of selfless love for the Supreme and his subjects. That alone can shower like rain over the forest fire of blasting material desires. Satisfaction of heart is found by the one who had sought love in God, as that is the only need of the soul.

Gauranga Das Ji
Gauranga Das Ji
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