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Does God Exist? A Scientific Approach To The Billion-Dollar Question

Everyone is familiar with the term God. Yet, each one has their opinion concerning the belief in God. This precisely is why there is so much confusion and conflict among the whole spectrum of believers and non-believers. Some care so much about their faith, some don’t care if God exists or not. Some care only about godly men and not about God. Some care for the most powerful men on earth and don’t bother much about the higher power. There are all kinds of permutations and combinations of people regarding this subject. The reason is, a vast majority of us haven’t educated ourselves about the existence of God from a scientific perspective. This lack of conviction without substantial knowledge breaks our faith easily when attacked by mere speculative theories presented by modern science. Although almost all Indians, overtly or remotely have been a part of the traditional spiritual upbringing due to the indigenous culture, because the faith in God is fragile, their religiosity doesn’t transform into spiritual consciousness rather succumb to the societal expectations of the trendy phenomenon.

India produces more than 25% of the world’s engineers. However, explaining the intricate scientific details proving the presence of God is redundant as our understanding of science is highly superficial. Nobody wants to study engineering or science. They simply do so to acquire a job and earn money. So, our intent of learning science is material and incomplete, the acquisition of knowledge of the absolute truth through science will remain incomplete.

There are several documents and books available proving God’s presence in great arithmetic details. Yet, this article is an exploratory exercise for us to get a glimpse into those and is a consolidation of the Vedic wisdom presented by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada who left to the west in 1965 and unleashed an onslaught on this entire system of mechanistic, reductionist, atheistic, scientific world view. He once said, “I am challenging all of the existing conceptions based on firm convictions on the realisation of God Consciousness.”

There are 6 arguments presented below that would help us ponder on the truth, and provide simple and substantial shreds of evidence on a Superpower administrating all functions of this universe and more.

Arguments from the perspective of Numbers

Let us consider the overwhelming number of literature, words, people, culture, civilizations, diverse traditions throughout history speaking in favour of the conception of God. A majority of the famous people in this world were men of God. When Messi hits his goals he lifts his fingers in the air and praises the Lord, same was with Mohammed Ali, Einstein, and even A.R Rahman whose only words while receiving two Oscars at a time were “All Glories to the Supreme Lord.” They all recognised that the amount of fame and extraordinary talent they had were beyond their limited being. On his birthday, the insanely popular Beatles George Harrison received 10 lakh greeting cards in 7 trucks, and his blockbuster hit was “My Sweet Lord.”

The world’s largest pilgrim gatherings see more people than rock concerts attendees. In 2019, 24 crore people assembled for the Kumbh Mela festival merely to bathe in the Ganges. An average of 2.5 million participated in the Hajj pilgrim in 2019 before the pandemic. With absolutely no advertisements or publicity, 1.5 million people gather to pull the cart on the day of the Jagannath Rath Yatra Festival in Odissa, India. The numbers clearly show us that the Supreme Lord surpasses our finite capacities.

Argument from the perspective of Nature:

There are four sub-arguments under Nature. First being


Ours is not a casual universe but a causal universe. There is a Supreme cause driving everything that has and is being created, managed, and destroyed here. Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita states Vasudeva sarvam iti that he is the cause of all causes. For example, when we go back to our home after work or school, we see the fan turned on, meals readily served on our table, our rooms neatly arranged, etc., this simply doesn’t occur on its own. Our father, mother, or someone other loved one must have made such a nice arrangement for us. This principle denotes that there is always a cause behind every occurrence of this universe and the cause that lies behind such tiny causes is the Supreme Lord.

Next is the anthropic principle. If you start noticing the way our earth’s ecology functions, you can see how everything has perfectly been designed to facilitate our stay here. For instance, the earth is rotating at a speed of 64 thousand miles per hour. Do you feel it? Are you planning on wearing a seat belt? This probably is the last fear on your head right now. Thus, nobody can ever create such an order of systematic and harmonious co-existence for all living entities and the matter around, except for the Lord.


A giraffe’s heart weighs 11 kilos for it to pump blood to its brain. Bats can hang anywhere and sleep upside down. Their pelvic girder can rotate up to 180 degrees. Bats have their special aviation technology of sending vibrations to detect obstacles on the path. If there are several bats sending signals, each one has its peculiar vibrations to get hinted at on blocks on the path.

Within the seed of a sequoia lies a 3000 feet high, 36 ft. diameter tree that is sufficient enough to make 56 room house. This tree survives for 3000 years and the size of the seed is equivalent to the head of a needle. That’s how insignificant and tiny it is.

If I give a project to engineers and ask them to design an aircraft-proof mobile water tank with just three ingredients – water vapours, air, and ether, can any of you do it? No. But God has created clouds. Although they carry 1.1 million pounds of water, neither they nor the aircraft that passes through the clouds get affected. Such is the design of the Lord which is far off of the limited modern science.


The first law of gravity is when you throw something, it falls onto the ground.

There is no doubt about this. The second is the law of electromagnetism. The magnetic force of attraction is very specific. The third is seasons. We know they come at regular intervals although because of climate change it has greatly been fluctuating, the laws of how a particular season or climate works doesn’t change. The fourth is the movement of planets. There isn’t just one solar system with planets revolving around the sun. There are millions more planets and stars within the universe. Yet, they function perfectly with no traffic jams. You never have anxiety when the earth is going to hit on some other planet. But you always have anxiety while driving your car. Because intuitively you have

It trusts in the one who is driving the earth.

Argument from the perspective of Purpose  

Everything that has ever been created has its utility and specific purpose. Just because a mic is always near the mouth, it cannot be eaten when you feel hungry. It is not the purpose of a mic. So, unless the purpose is known, design cannot be created. And the inverse is also true. Anything that has been designed and created has its purpose. A Temple is designed differently from a workspace or school because their purposes were not the same.

At the same time, the utility of that purpose completely depends on the choice of the user. One may have made a knife to cut vegetables but it could also be used to hurt or kill someone. Although some may even use it to spread butter on their bread, ultimately the point is it was designed to cut or tear an object. That’s precisely why one needs a manual on how to use a particular product. We go to a market and see so many new items on the showcase, and instantly we think why they were made.

Also, this manual helps us understand one more aspect of “For whom was it created?” For example, a child finds invention if clocks irrelevant. A farmer doesn’t need to know how to put injections, and a doctor need not worry about rains on his field. Thus, communicating the purpose of something irrelevant to someone is like blowing a conch in the ears of a deaf man. We have to acknowledge that beyond our bodily conceptions lies a consciousness carrying various levels of impressions from several lifetimes finding it difficult to understand the Supreme cause behind all causes. The amount of ignorance and false ego has turned our eyes away from acknowledging the obviousness of The Supreme Personality of Godhead. And the above arguments are presented only to widen our awareness about the existence of God.

Gauranga Das Ji
Gauranga Das Ji
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